UltimateSensor Mini

UltimateSensor Mini: Compact All-in-One Monitoring for a Healthier & Smarter Home

Discover the UltimateSensor Mini, your compact, comprehensive solution for home environment monitoring. This sensor offers real-time measurements of CO2, humidity, temperature, light intensity, VOCs, and particulate matter, and utilizes mmWave sensor to accurately measure the position and number of people in the room. With a built-in microphone and speaker, the Mini supports Home Assistant voice commands and provides unique audio functionalities, such as music playback and an alarm.

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Discover the UltimateSensor Mini: A carefully handcrafted, Dutch creation, fully developed and designed for your needs.

Specially Designed for Home Assistant & ESPHome: The UltimateSensor Mini is specially designed to seamlessly integrate with Home Assistant & ESPHome.

Compact Monitoring for a Smarter Home

The Mini accurately measures everything from CO2 levels and humidity to temperature and light intensity, complemented by advanced motion detection. Its unique audio features expand your Home Assistant experience with voice commands, music, and alarms, all locally without a cloud connection.

CO2 sensor
Temperature sensor
Humidity sensor
Lux Sensor (Light Intensity)
VOC Sensor
NOx Sensor
Particulate Matter Sensor (PM)
mmWave Sensor
PIR Sensor
Voice Commands

Smart Voice Control and Audio Features

The UltimateSensor Mini goes behind monitoring by integrating interactive voice control and audio functionalities directly into your living environment. Equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker, the Mini enables the use of voice commands via Home Assistant to control your smart home devices without cloud intervention. Whether you want to dim the lights, adjust the temperature, or ask a question, the Mini is ready to listen and respond.

Furthermore, the integrated speaker opens up a world of possibilities for playing music, broadcasting important notifications, or acting as an alarm. Whether it's starting your morning playlist, receiving an alert for unusual activity, or waking up to an alarm, the UltimateSensor Mini enriches your daily routine with rich audio experiences, all managed through Home Assistant.

Ok nabu, turn on the living room light
Okay, I'm turning on the living room light
Ok nabu, open the curtains
Okay, I'm opening the curtains

Live Tracking: Up to 3 Persons with mmWave Technology

The UltimateSensor Mini elevates motion detection to a new level with integrated mmWave technology. This sensor is capable of accurately detecting and analyzing motion, position, and the number of persons within a space up to 6 meters. This allows for not only the detection of presence but also the visualization of their location and movement patterns.

While the Mini lacks a separate PIR sensor found in the standard UltimateSensor, the advanced mmWave technology offers a comprehensive solution for motion detection. This adds a level of precision and security to your smart home, with the convenience of compact placement options.

UltimateSensor Mini: Compact, Versatile & Future-Proof

The UltimateSensor Mini provides accurate, direct measurements of crucial parameters such as CO2, humidity, temperature, light intensity, VOCs, and uses advanced technology to detect presence and number of people. Despite its compact size, this sensor lacks nothing in functionality and even adds unique audio features, such as Home Assistant voice commands, music, and alarm functionality, thanks to the built-in microphone and speaker.

The strength of the Mini lies in its streamlined design and the ability for software upgrades through ESPHome and Home Assistant, ensuring your device continually improves. The Mini offers the flexibility to evolve with future software and hardware developments, making the UltimateSensor Mini a dynamic and adaptable choice for your smart home. The Mini is equipped without an Ethernet connection.


Designed for Versatile Placement

The UltimateSensor Mini enhances the flexibility of your smart home with a versatile design suitable for both wall mounting and freestanding placement. Although this version does not come standard with a wall bracket, it is perfectly adapted for easy installation on any surface or location within your home. Whether you opt for a prominent wall placement or prefer a subtle, freestanding setup, the UltimateSensor Mini seamlessly integrates into your living environment.


Live Smart,
Live Safe,
Live Healthy

Breathe Cleaner: CO2 Levels Under Control

The CO2 sensor in the UltimateSensor Mini constantly monitors CO2 levels in the air, which is essential for a healthy living environment. Elevated CO2 levels can lead to fatigue, headaches, and decreased concentration. The UltimateSensor Mini allows you to easily set up notifications to know when it's time to open a window for fresh air.

Breathe Easier: VOC Measurement for Air Quality

The VOC sensor detects volatile organic compounds in the air, which may come from cleaning products, paints, and other sources. Excessive VOCs can negatively affect air quality and cause respiratory issues. The UltimateSensor Mini provides real-time information on VOC levels, helping you improve the air quality in your home.

Optimal Humidity for Comfort and Health

The humidity sensor measures the moisture level in your home. Proper humidity is vital for comfort and health. Too dry air can lead to respiratory tract irritation and an increased risk of infections. With the UltimateSensor Mini, you can closely monitor and adjust the humidity for a healthier living environment.

Optimal Temperature for Well-being

A constant and optimal room temperature is important for your well-being. The temperature sensor in the UltimateSensor Mini ensures you're always comfortable, helping you know when to turn on the heating or open a window for cooling.

Clean Air for a Healthier Life

The particulate matter sensor in the UltimateSensor Mini measures the concentration of small particles in the air that can be harmful to health. It provides valuable information about air quality and can help reduce exposure to potentially dangerous substances.

Safety and Comfort with Motion Detection

The UltimateSensor Mini utilizes mmWave technology for advanced motion detection, identifying not only movement but also the type and speed. Ideal for energy saving and safety, the Mini sends immediate notifications upon unusual movements, keeping you informed no matter where you are.

Manage Your Living Climate with Advanced Automation via Home Assistant

The UltimateSensor Mini seamlessly integrates with Home Assistant, providing instant insight into a variety of essential measurements.

What sets the Mini apart is its capacity for advanced automations. Imagine receiving a prompt notification when CO2 levels become critical, with the Mini suggesting you open a window for ventilation. Or being alerted when particulate matter or VOC levels reach unsafe values. The Mini empowers you to proactively manage your living climate and intervene directly when necessary.

With the UltimateSensor Mini, you gain full control over your living environment, offering the key to a smarter, healthier, and more comfortable home.

Home Assistant App

Ready for Every Challenge. The modular structure of the UltimateSensor Mini is designed to meet your needs. Explore the capabilities of the Mini today.

Included as Standard:


The built-in microphone in the UltimateSensor Mini brings voice control to your smart home. Use simple voice commands to control Home Assistant, allowing for effortless interaction with your home automation system without any physical interaction.


The speaker of the UltimateSensor Mini offers a wealth of audio options, including music playback, custom alarms, and Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality. Convert text into voice messages for clear communication or reminders, making the Mini an essential, versatile addition to your smart home.

Light Sensor Module

The BH1750 Lux Light Sensor Module provides accurate measurements of light intensity, giving you clear insight into the ambient lighting.

Air Quality Sensor for VOC and NOx Values

The SGP41 Air Quality Sensor allows you to measure VOC and NOx values, giving you insight into the air quality around you and the possible presence of pollutants.

CO2, Temperature, and Humidity

The SCD41 sensor offers accurate measurements of CO2 levels, temperature, and humidity, allowing you to monitor the air quality in your environment and ensuring you always stay in a comfortable and healthy space.

Adjustable LED Notification

Thanks to the built-in WS2811 LED in the UltimateSensor, you can add visual signals to your smart system. Adjust the LED color to signal important notifications or events in your living environment.

MMWave Motion Sensor

The UltimateSensor Mini is equipped with the Hilink HLK-LD2450 mmWave sensor, which can distinguish the presence, position, and movement speed of up to three people within a range of 6 meters and identify three zones. The modular design of the Mini allows for the mmWave sensor to be upgraded to future, more advanced mmWave sensors, if desired, without the need to replace the entire unit. This ensures unprecedented flexibility and keeps your device up-to-date with the latest motion detection technology.

Particulate Matter Sensor (Optional)

The Sensirion SPS30 particulate matter sensor measures the concentration of particles in µg/m³ and the size of the measured particles, including PM1, PM2.5, PM4, and PM10. From the perspective of air pollution, it is very important to distinguish PM1. The smallest particles penetrate our blood the easiest, while larger particles (especially those above 2.5 µm and closer to 10 µm) are captured by our respiratory system. This sensor also has a built-in self-cleaning mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does the UltimateSensor Mini measure?

The UltimateSensor Mini offers comprehensive monitoring of your living environment, with measurements including: -Light intensity for clear insights into ambient lighting. -VOCs and NOx for air quality insights. -CO2, temperature, and humidity for a healthy indoor climate. Additionally, the Mini features advanced mmWave technology to detect movement and the presence of people.

How do I integrate the UltimateSensor Mini with Home Assistant?

The UltimateSensor Mini seamlessly integrates with Home Assistant via WiFi, making it easy to manage and monitor your smart home.

Can I use the UltimateSensor Mini outdoors?

Similar to the standard UltimateSensor, the Mini is designed for indoor use and is not suitable for outdoor applications.

Can I expand the UltimateSensor Mini with additional modules myself?

Yes, the UltimateSensor Mini is designed to be modular. You can upgrade and easily replace optional modules, such as the MMWave Motion Sensor and Particulate Matter Sensor, in your UltimateSensor Mini for added functionality at any time.

What is the power supply for the UltimateSensor Mini?

The UltimateSensor Mini can be powered via a USB-C connection, making it compatible with most modern power sources.

Does the UltimateSensor Mini have a built-in LED, and what can I use it for?

Yes, the Mini includes a built-in LED that can be programmed for various purposes, such as visual notifications or ambient lighting, depending on air quality or other measured parameters.

What does it mean that the UltimateSensor Mini is self-calibrating, and why is this important?

Self-calibrating features in the Mini ensure the precision and reliability of measurements without the need for manual calibrations. This makes the Mini user-friendly and ensures consistent performance over time.

Technical Specifications

Network Connection
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz), supports WPA/WPA2 security.
Measures CO2, temperature, humidity, light intensity (lux), and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Equipped with mmWave radar for advanced motion detection and room occupancy. Built-in microphone and speaker for voice commands and alarms, customizable via Home Assistant.
Detection Distance
mmWave up to 8 meters. No PIR sensor present.
Temperature Measurement
From 0 °C to +50 °C with an accuracy of ±0.5 °C.
No display present.
Cable Length
USB-C power cable of 3 meters.
Power Supply
Through the provided USB power adapter.
Operational Classification
IP20 (suitable for indoor use).
128 x 59 x 41 mm
Fully integrated with Home Assistant, including support for firmware updates via OTA (Over The Air).
Mounting Options
Can be installed both freestanding and with an optional wall bracket.
LED indicator for visual signals and alerts.