Ultimate Smart Sensor: All-in-One - Measuring What Matters in Home Assistant for a Healthier Living Environment

Discover the UltimateSensor, your premium all-in-one solution for measuring and monitoring the indoor environment in your home. This advanced sensor provides real-time measurements of CO2 levels, humidity, temperature, lux (light intensity), volatile organic compounds (VOC), motion using PIR and mmWave sensors, and not to forget, fine dust levels. With Ethernet connectivity and PoE support, you can seamlessly integrate the UltimateSensor into your Home Assistant ecosystem for a healthier and smarter home.

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Discover the UltimateSensor:
A meticulously crafted Dutch creation, fully developed and designed to meet your needs.
Specially designed for Home Assistant & ESPHome:
The UltimateSensor is specially designed to seamlessly integrate with Home Assistant & ESPHome.

The All-in-One Measurement Solution for Your Smart Home

With the UltimateSensor, you're ready for a comprehensive insight into your living environment in one go. This powerful sensor measures real-time CO2 levels, humidity, temperature, lux (light intensity), volatile organic compounds (VOC), and motion with the built-in PIR sensor. You can start right away with the standard version of the sensor, which already offers impressive capabilities.

But it doesn't stop there. What truly makes the UltimateSensor unique is its modular design. Do you want to add the mmWave sensor for even more precise motion detection? Or are you interested in measuring fine dust levels with the PM Fine Dust Meter? No problem. You can purchase these modules separately at any time and easily snap them into the UltimateSensor. This keeps your measurement solution flexible and tailored to your needs, ensuring you always have ultimate control over your living environment.


Live Smart,
Live Safe,
Live Healthy

Breathe Cleaner: CO2 Levels Under Control

The CO2 sensor in the UltimateSensor continuously monitors the CO2 levels in the air. This is crucial for a healthy living environment. When CO2 levels get too high, it can lead to fatigue, headaches, and reduced concentration. With the UltimateSensor, you can easily set up notifications to know when it's time to open a window for fresh air.

Breathe Easier: VOC Measurement for Air Quality

The VOC sensor detects volatile organic compounds in the air, which can come from cleaning products, paint, and other sources. Too many VOCs can negatively affect air quality and cause respiratory problems. The UltimateSensor provides real-time information about VOC levels so you can improve the air quality in your home.

Optimal Humidity for Comfort and Health

The humidity sensor measures the moisture level in your home. Adequate humidity is essential for comfort and health. Dry air can lead to respiratory irritation and an increased risk of infections. With the UltimateSensor, you can closely monitor and adjust humidity for a healthier living environment.

Optimal Temperature for Well-being

A consistent and optimal room temperature is important for your well-being. The temperature sensor in the UltimateSensor ensures you're always comfortable. It helps you know when it's time to turn on the heating or open a window for cooling.

Clean Air for a Healthier Life

The fine dust sensor in the UltimateSensor measures the concentration of small particles in the air that can be harmful to health. It provides valuable information about air quality and can help reduce exposure to potentially dangerous substances.

Safety and Comfort with Motion Detection

The UltimateSensor is equipped with PIR and mmWave motion sensors, which means it not only detects motion but can also distinguish the type of motion. This is not only convenient for energy savings through automatic lighting but also for your safety. If unusual movements are detected when you're not at home, you can receive immediate notifications.

Complete Control Over Your Living Environment with Smart Automations in Home Assistant

Our sensor seamlessly integrates with Home Assistant and provides you with real-time insights into all these measurements.

What truly sets this sensor apart is the ability to set up smart automations. Imagine receiving a notification when CO2 levels become too high, and the UltimateSensor advises opening a window for fresh air. Or being alerted when fine dust or VOC levels exceed safe limits. With the UltimateSensor, you can maintain control over your living environment and take immediate action when needed.

With the UltimateSensor, you're the master of your living space. Discover a smarter way to manage your home and ensure a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

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Prepared for Anything. The UltimateSensor Base and its expandable modules are ready for the challenge. Discover the components of the UltimateSensor today.

UltimateSensor Basic.
Included in the Standard Package:

12m PIR Motion Sensor

Precisely monitor motion up to 12 meters away thanks to the advanced Panasonic PIR sensor.

Light Sensor Module

The BH1750 Lux Light Sensor Module provides accurate measurements of light intensity, giving you a clear insight into ambient lighting.

Air Quality Sensor VOC and NOx Values

With the SGP40 Air Quality Sensor, you can measure VOC and NOx values, gaining insight into the air quality around you and the possible presence of pollutants.

CO2, Temperature, and Humidity

The SCD41 sensor provides accurate measurements of CO2 levels, temperature, and humidity, allowing you to monitor the air quality in your environment and ensure you always stay in a comfortable and healthy space.

Information Display

With the bright and sharp SSD1306 OLED display of the UltimateSensor, you have instant access to all your sensor data and can view important information about your living environment at a glance.

Adjustable LED Notification

Thanks to the built-in WS2811 LED in the UltimateSensor, you can add visual signals to your smart system. Customize the LED color to indicate important notifications or events in your living environment.

UltimateSensor Modules.
Optional modules to install:

MMWave Motion Sensor

The DFRobot 24GHz mmWave sensor in the UltimateSensor accurately detects movements up to 9 meters away, even when you're still. This is one of the best mmWave sensors on the market and is a great addition to the PIR sensor.

Fine Particle Matter Meter

The Sensirion SPS30 fine particle matter meter measures particle concentration in µg/m³ and the size of the measured particles, including PM1, PM2.5, PM4, and PM10. From the perspective of air pollution, it's essential to distinguish PM1. The smallest particles enter our bloodstream most easily, while larger particles (especially those above 2.5 µm and closer to 10 µm) are captured by our respiratory system. This sensor also has a self-cleaning mechanism built in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does the UltimateSensor measure?

The UltimateSensor measures a wide range of data to accurately monitor your living environment. This includes:

- Motion sensor: PIR sensor detects motion up to 12 meters away.
- Light sensor: Module provides accurate light intensity measurements.
- Air quality sensor: Measures VOC and NOx levels for insights into air quality.
- CO2
- Temperature
- Humidity

Optional modules include:
- MMWave Motion Sensor: Detects movements up to 9 meters away with precision.
- Particulate Matter Sensor: Measures particle concentration in µg/m³, including PM1, PM2.5, PM4, and PM10.

In summary, the UltimateSensor provides comprehensive data for thorough monitoring of your living environment.

How do I integrate the UltimateSensor with Home Assistant?

The UltimateSensor can be easily integrated with Home Assistant via WiFi, Ethernet connection, and optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) support.

Does the UltimateSensor have a display to show data directly?

Yes, the UltimateSensor is equipped with a screen where you can view real-time data.

Can I use the UltimateSensor outdoors?

No, the UltimateSensor is designed for indoor use and is not suitable for outdoor use.

Can I expand the UltimateSensor myself with additional modules?

Yes, the UltimateSensor is modularly designed. You can purchase the optional modules, such as the MMWave Motion Sensor and Particulate Matter Sensor, separately at any time and easily add them to your UltimateSensor for added functionality.

What is the power supply for the UltimateSensor?

The UltimateSensor can be powered by standard power sources such as a wall outlet or Power over Ethernet (PoE) if you have chosen this option. Make sure you have the correct power supply for your configuration. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is delivered via an external PoE splitter. This choice has been deliberately made to prevent any heat generated by PoE from affecting the operation of the sensors in the kit. With this external PoE splitter, you can easily provide power to the sensor while avoiding the accumulation of heat within the kits enclosure. This ensures precise environmental measurements without external factors disrupting the results.

Does the UltimateSensor have a built-in LED, and what can I use it for?

Yes, the UltimateSensor is equipped with a built-in WS2811 LED. This LED can be adjusted to display various colors and serves as a visual indicator for notifications or events in your living environment. You can program the LED, for instance, to flash red when CO2 levels are too high or to glow green when air quality is optimal.

What does it mean that the UltimateSensor is self-calibrating and why is it important for its use?

The UltimateSensor is designed with self-calibrating components and sensors. This means that all built-in sensors, including the CO2 sensor, particulate matter sensor, and others, automatically perform periodic calibrations to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measurements. Self-calibration minimizes the need for manual settings and adjustments, making the UltimateSensor user-friendly. It ensures the sensor always delivers optimal performance, whether you are monitoring air quality, detecting movements, or performing other measurements.